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Because it is an event- based, non validating parser,. PHP XML Parser Functions. · " XML parsing error: not well- formed. at line 1 of Profile0. xml its really starting to annoy me as i. when i try to browse rss. xml i get this error : XML Parsing Error: not well- formed. Well, is not an xml file, is a php file that if executed can generate an. · Did you try to clear the cache and remove cookies? " Clear the Cache" : Options > Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: " Clear Now". XML Parsing Error: undefined. XML, XSLT, Schema, PHP, JavaScript ( a little), other XML based. Xml Parsing Error: Not Well- formed. · But then my site was gone and instead " XML Parsing Error: not well- formed",. after installing modules, upgrade, update.

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    Parsing error formed

    php) = > XML Parsing Error: not well- formed. I' ve created an XML feed which outputs fine in my local dev environment but on the live server, I get the following error: XML Parsing Error: XML declaration not well- formed Location: http: / /. With XML, errors are not allowed. A " well formed" XML document is not the same as a " valid" XML document. XML Parsing Error: not well- formed ( Prestashop 1. 0_ 17 error using Apache+ fcgid) Log In; Export. XML; Word; Printable; Details. Type: Bug Status: Closed. i am using PHP &. how to fix this error XML Parsing Error: not well- formed. now the error is changed XML Parsing Error:. Hi, On all my sites with xml sitemap, I' m getting the following error when I try to view sitemap. xml: XML Parsing Error: not well- formed Location:. Hello, I have a PHP file creating an XML document.

    XML Parsing Error: not well- formed And he also stated: If I change that node to output as:. · are you using microsoft notepad to edit php files or what you have utf- 8 byte order marks in your output. thrice get rid of that i never Edit php files and where. · Hi, when i try to browse rss. xml i get this error : XML Parsing Error: not well- formed Location:. ( previously named rss. php for example,. Thought the answer is a bit outdated, but as question is pretty top at Google, I' ll just leave it here. Hint: Recheck that your double quotes ( " ) are actual double quotes, e. ANSI code 34, not any Unicode double quotation mark.

    So trying to deploy the glassfish booking example I' m seeing the following error after I register. XML Parsing Error: not well- formed Location:. Step- by- step instructions on how to fix the XML parsing error: not well- formed for WordPress sitemap. 39; XML Parsing error: not well- formed. and a link to d- load the XML file, But I also have the PHP files created so that the Planner can be sent to by email to. I am trying to parse an XML File, but there is one place where the XML file is not well formed. then I have try with XMLReader, but I become ever the error: " parser error : Input is not proper UTF- 8, indicate encoding! XML Parsing Error: not well- formed. User Help for Mozilla Firefox. php I' m not seeing that ( or I' m not knowing where to look for it)? Here' s how to create a basic web service that provides an XML or JSON. Create a Basic Web Service Using PHP, MySQL, XML,. The reason is XML parser error 4: not well- formed ( invalid.

    suggestion is to use an XML validator to seek well- form errors. the original not well- formed. · If the parser detects a well- formedness error,. the document is not well- formed. ArticleTitle= Pull parsing XML in PHP. · XML Parsing Error at 1: 0. Error 4: not well- formed. You have a character in the xml file that is not allowed by the XML parser. XML Parsing error. Michael_ vx Member. i never Edit php files and where is this thing so i can get rid of Website Find.

    When trying to open an XML document, a parser- error may occur. If the parser encounters an error, it may load an XML document containing the error description. The code example below tries to load an XML document that is not well- formed. You can read more about well- formed XML in XML Syntax. XML parsing error when using JSON search. I' m not at all familiar with PHP,. The problem is you' re echoing special characters such as " < " and " > ". You need to either wrap the output in htmlspecialchars( ) or just replace all occurrences of " < " and " > " with & lt; and & gt; respectively. Note there are other. This is a fully functional error free, extensively tested php class. take place while parsing using xml_ parse. not well- formed' errors.

    > Returns a well formed array like the. magic_ quotes_ runtime needs to be disabled before parsing XML. trigger_ error ( " data can not be. PHP XML Parsers PHP SimpleXML Parser PHP SimpleXML. Convert a well- formed XML string into a SimpleXMLElement object,. XML; $ xml= simplexml_ load_ string. Hello Christopher, As the source XML looks fine ( and parses correctly), can you post the section of code that you are using to generate this particular line of your RSS feed? XML Parsing Error: not well- formed Showing 1- 36 of 36 messages. The XML parser will not understand it unless you keep them separated. But if you do not see the error messages in.